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Current Conditions
North Surry

Temp: 55.3°F
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North Surry , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 7:31AM

Clouds and Rain Moving In

Today we see the moisture from a low to the southwest move in and begin to override the high pressure that has dominated our pattern the past few days. This set up will lock in our cool temperatures and clouds followed by development of widespread showers this afternoon. We will see rain and foggy, gray conditions beginning this evening. Look out for periods of heavy rainfall tonight into Friday morning as those will be the wettest hours ahead. We’ll see widespread showers into Friday evening with continued foggy conditions in the overnight and early morning hours.

By far, the most frequent question I have received in the last two years is: "When is RaysWeather going to get a mobile app?" The answer is "LAST WEEK!" for Android (probably "THIS WEEK" for iPhone).
It costs about the same as a plain coffee at a coffee shop, but for years to come, it will be your "Go To" weather source when you are "On the Go" in the Southern Appalachians. Current conditions, Forecasts, Webcams, Radars, and the Photo of the Day--it's all in there from Grayson County VA to Waynesville and Hendersonville NC and everything in between.
Get it now at the Google Play Store.


Hi: 78 Lo: 62

Ploudy and cool; Widespead showers develop by afternoon; SE wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 69 Lo: 61

Generally cloudy; Cool for July; Rainy; Foggy at night; SSW wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 74 Lo: 62

Mostly cloudy; Cool; Scattered light showers; NW wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 80 Lo: 60

Mostly cloudy; Not as cool; A stray afternoon shower or thundershower possible

Hi: 83 Lo: 65

Partly to mostly cloudy; Scattered PM showers and t-showers

Further Out

Tuesday - Partly to mostly cloudy; Warmer; Scattered PM showers and t-showers; High in the mid 80s; Low in the upper 60s
Wednesday - Partly to mostly cloudy; Even warmer: Scattered PM showers and t-showers; High in the upper 80s; Low in the upper 60s

Forecast Discussion

High pressure still has a hold on the Mid-Atlantic edging down into the Southeast. Moisture from the disturbance over Texas will move from the Lower MS Valley up the Southern Appalachians today and begin overrunning the high. This set up will lock in our cool temperatures and clouds followed by development of widespread showers this afternoon. Tonight and into Friday look to be the “wettest” periods ahead with some localized heavy rains. This scenario is a damp and grey combo and will include some areas of patchy fog (especially in the early morning and overnight hours), into Saturday.

Saturday we’ll see more widely scatted showers, not as wet as Friday but the clouds and gray will still be in place. Be on the lookout for continued areas of patchy fog (especially Saturday morning and overnight into Sunday).

Sunday, our weekend “disturbance” will have slid up the Mid-Atlantic into the Northeast and we’ll slowly dry out and see some breaks in the clouds. Now, take that with a grain of salt, we’ll still see some scattered showers and thundershowers pop up for the afternoon hours as our temperatures warm back up. Monday, our typical “Summer-time” set up is back in place with the Bermuda High off the Carolina Coast, temperatures will continue to warm with isolated afternoon showers and thundershowers.

Tuesday into Wednesday have the same set up as Monday. The Southwest, moist and muggy flow will be set with temperatures climbing Tuesday and Wednesday


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